Complete German language levels A1, A2 and B1 online

More and more students are requested to obtain a certain German language level (A1, A2 or B1) before applying for German student visa. Not every student has good options of completing those levels in a short time in their home country. Schiller Language School offers the best solution for those students.

Through our online courses students finish their German language levels within a short time and take an official exam afterwards enabling them to give proof of their language level when facing the visa interview (with official certificate). Afterwards students take the higher intermediate and advanced levels (up to B2 and C1) at our institutes in Bonn or Berlin.

Advantages - Online Learning

Real-time intensive course


20 lessons per week
German teacher with university degree in teaching German
View and hear your teacher and your classmates through our world-leading online system

Real classes - meet the students online who will join you for the advanced classes in Germany

Fast learning - Fast success

✔ A1 takes 6 weeks only
✔ A2 takes 8 weeks only
✔ B1 takes 10 weeks only

Exams on last course day - PDF certificate available afterwards (original sent by UPS Express)

German language classes start every month

Higher chances of obtaining German student visa

Students who learned German before applying for visa have a higher quota (%) of obtaining the student visa

Course content prepares for visa interview

Most common reason for visa rejection: Missing German language skills